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Jimmy Fallon's family adorably helps him host 'Tonight Show' from home

Fallon’s kids are our favorite part of this video!
/ Source: TODAY

As parents everywhere can attest, working from home with your kids around isn’t exactly a walk in the park.

And now, no one knows that better than Jimmy Fallon!

He’s hosting a version of “The Tonight Show” produced right from his house, and his daughters are stealing the show!

Wednesday night, he opened his show to the tune of one of his girls hitting what appeared to be a pot with an ice cream scoop.

His wife, Nancy Juvonen, who co-founded the production company Flower Films with Drew Barrymore, has been serving as his lone audience member and camerawoman.

“Being stuck inside with the same people can be tough. Today our Roomba rolled out the front and hasn’t come back,” he joked as his younger daughter, Franny, climbed on his head.

“Hey, stop, I’m telling a joke! That was a funny joke — did you like it?” he asked Franny, 5.

“No!” she replied.

His older daughter, Winnie, 6, handled all the graphics for the show. She drew the “Tonight Show” logo and wrote out all the names and websites on paper using mostly what appeared to be glittery crayons.

Fallon also interviewed “Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda via Zoom, an online video chat service.

Jimmy Fallon's daughter popped in during his at-home episode of "The Tonight Show."
Jimmy Fallon's daughter popped in during his at-home episode of "The Tonight Show."The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

The two joked about staying at home with their kids.

“I’m not getting work done,” Miranda laughed. “I’m learning how to teach math!”

Miranda referenced something TV producer Shonda Rhimes tweeted a few days ago.

“Every teacher should make a billion dollars a year,” he laughed.

“I mean like, oh my gosh, how hard is this? It’s insane,” Fallon replied.

Miranda said he’s been watching children’s author Mo Willems’ daily "Lunch Doodles" and added his kids’ artwork was “legit good.” We love a proud dad!

Fallon is hosting his own version of the show from his house where he, like millions of others, remains quarantined in an attempt to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

He ended the video by going down a slide inside his house — which he also did yesterday and seems to be somewhat of a trend — and adding everyone should "wash your hands and don't touch your face!"