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Jimmy Fallon's doppelganger is in a 1970s horror movie

A British actor from a 1971 horror movie looks like he could be Jimmy Fallon's long-lost twin brother.
/ Source: TODAY

If the age-old belief is true that everyone has a doppelganger from the past somewhere out in the world, Jimmy Fallon's has been found.

He's in a 1971 horror movie. It's always the last place you think to look.

CBS Sunday Morning correspondent Mo Rocca revealed the eerie similarity on "The Tonight Show" Wednesday when he brought in the DVD box of the appropriately titled "Twins of Evil," which features a British actor who could pass for Fallon's twin.

"I was completely distracted the entire time, and I was thinking of you,'' Rocca told him about watching the movie. "I feel like it's you as Sesame Street's Count von Count, actually."

So who is the man in question? It's an actor named Damien Thomas. And he's not even one of the twins in the movie, who are actually identical teen sisters.

Thomas plays Count Karnstein, who dabbles in Satanism, practices black magic, and then gets turned into a vampire after murdering a girl as a human sacrifice, as one does in a 1970s horror flick.

Fallon also has plenty of doppelgangers in the present, as a young fan pointed out a look-alike in 2015.

Fans have also found some other counterparts over the years.

Fallon posed side by side on camera Wednesday with a picture of Thomas from 1971, which was three years before he was born. They could be long-lost brothers.

"Oh my God, that is bizarre,'' Fallon said. "That is unbelievable."

"Twins of Evil" remake, anyone?

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