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Jimmy Fallon as Robert Pattinson: 'Thanksgiving is stupid!'

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Gobble this! Jimmy Fallon introduced his latest installment of "Robert Is Bothered," the Thanksgiving edition, on "Late Night" Wednesday.

Before revealing the clip, the comedian explained, "It turns out Robert Pattinson is really really bothered by a lot of things. This guy is so angry ... that a couple of years ago, he started his own website called RobertIsBothered.com just so he can talk about all the different things that bother him."

In the video, the late-night host, dressed as the actor's "Twilight" vampire, Edward Cullen, launches into a tirade about the holiday.

"Thanksgiving bothers me," Fallon-as-Pattinson-as-Cullen gripes. "Thanksgiving is stupid! And which day is Thanksgiving anyway? All I know is it's the fourth Thursday in November. What kind of a day is that?! ... Well guess what, Thanksgiving? No particular date, no particular thank you!"

But it wasn't just the lack of a concrete date that bothered the imposter. Turns out he's not impressed by the traditional foods either.

"Turkeys are stupid, they bother me," fake Pattinson complains. "You murder a turkey, rip out its insides, then you shove a bunch of bread up its butt, and then you cook it for hours, then expect me to eat it and say thanks!"

He goes on to complain about other Turkey Day favorites: "Stuffing, cooked in a butt, not sanitary. Butternut squash, wants to be a pumpkin but it's not. Get a real job. Cranberries, too sour, no thank you. And here we go, mashed potatoes ... actually, I like mashed potatoes."

Check out what else Fallon-as-Pattinson-as-Cullen gripes about (but be warned, there is some salty-but-bleeped language):

This isn't the first time "Robert Pattinson" has complained about things. Past "Robert Is Bothered" videos have taken on the subjects of Snickers ads, "Harry Potter" star Daniel Radcliffe, Christmas, iPads and more.

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