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Jimmy Fallon revives hashtag chat with Jonah Hill and Martin Scorsese

"Hashtag epic" is about the only way to describe Jimmy Fallon and Jonah Hill's "hashtag" conversation — with a cameo by Martin Scorsese — on Wednesday's "Tonight Show." 

The skit was a sequel to a "Late Night" Twitter spoof with Justin Timberlake and "#hashtag2" was trending on Twitter even before Wednesday's show was over.



Echoing his original session with J.T., Fallon knocked on the door and joined Hill on a sofa. Just two buddies catching up — except, like a live-action Twitter exchange, they punctuated everything with verbal hashtags. 

"Things have been a little crazy lately," Hill said about his recent Oscar nomination. "Hashtag livin' la vida loca. What's up with you?"



"Just having my morning, joe, hashtag ivin' la vida mocha," Fallon responded, setting down his coffee so he could perform the requisite hashtag hand signal. 

Hill used "hashtag real talk" to change gears, asking Fallon about his baby daughter. 

"She's great — actually, we play a lot of games," Fallon said, before going to hashtag crazytown: "#PattyCake #Peekaboo, #GotYourNose, #SpeakingOfIGotYourNose, I think somebody played that with Lord Voldemort. #JustWatchedPrisonerofAzkaban, #GetMyWizardOn, #ProfessorSnape, #HarryPotter — the last bit said in a flawless impression of Alan Rickman.



Suddenly, Hill's "Wolf of Wall Street" director, Martin Scorsese, knocked on the door to chastise the pair, who were then hashtag reminiscing about "Friends" (complete with theme song). 

"Hashtag been done," Scorsese scolded them. 

But when they didn't stop, Roots bandleader Questlove barged in. 

"Guys, seriously, hashtag shut the [expletive] up." 



Thursday's guests are first lady Michelle Obama, Will Ferrell and Arcade Fire. "The Tonight Show" airs at midnight weekdays on NBC during the Olympics.