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Watch Jimmy Fallon re-create 'Saved by the Bell' theme song with show's cast

Jessie isn't the only one who's "so excited" at this new take on the tune.
/ Source: TODAY

There are almost as many versions of the “Saved by the Bell” themes as there are schemes in Zack’s head.

“Tonight Show” host and self-professed “Saved by the Bell” superfan Jimmy Fallon teamed up with several of the original show’s stars to cut a remix of the theme song to the classic ‘90s series that was recently rebooted on the streaming service Peacock.

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The clip starts innocently enough, with Fallon and Tiffani Thiessen singing the traditional lyrics over the standard open.

About 20 seconds in, though, things take a turn when the Roots start rapping before Mario Lopez then gets in on the fun.

“A.C. Slater, the preppy hater, the Jessie Spano dater. Life is greater when we’re reunited,” he belts out.

At that point, Elizabeth Berkley Lauren takes over, having some fun with her most famous line from the series.

“I’m so excited! I’m so excited! I’m so … scared!” she shrieks, really hamming it up.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar then steps in as Zack.

“Time out,” he says as the music halts, eliciting his unexplained power to stop time when he roamed the halls of Bayside. “Looks like some things never change,” he says while nodding toward a picture of Jessie having a meltdown.

He then plays the guitar before Berkley Lauren, Lopez, Fallon, Thiessen and The Roots join him to finish up the theme we all grew up with in the ‘90s.

It’s the second notable reimagining of the theme in recent weeks. The reboot features a remix of the original song, performed by rapper Lil Yachty.

This new theme is also a reunion of sorts for Fallon, who got Gosselaar, Lopez, Thiessen, Berkley Lauren and Dennis Haskins together for a “Saved by the Bell” sketch on his show back in 2015 that went viral.

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