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Jimmy Fallon and Mike Myers have all the right moves in this hilarious dance-off

They rolled the dice to see who could come up with the most ridiculous dance moves, and the results were amazing.
/ Source: TODAY

We know you were just thinking: "If only there was a video out there of Mike Myers and Jimmy Fallon making up bizarre and hilarious dance moves, I would totally watch that."

You're welcome!

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It all happened on "The Tonight Show" Tuesday, as the two former "Saturday Night Live" players came together to (in theory) pitch a battle between Canada and the U.S. as they each threw an oversized, six-sided die covered in bizarre (as in fake) dance "moves."

Whatever they rolled, they had to dance.

And the feeling was electric! And deeply silly. Myers had to make up moves like "Hot Poutine" and "Perpetual Motion," while Fallon got busy with dances like "Windy Plastic Bag" and "The Which Pocket Did I Put My Keys In."

Mike Myers and Jimmy Fallon
Mike Myers and Jimmy Fallon rolled the dice and won!Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

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These are dances that may have destroyed lesser men, but Fallon and Myers prevailed — even ultimately coming together at the end for "The Slip 'N Slide"!

There may be many things that divide us these days, but goofy dance moves endure. Thanks, guys!

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