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Jimmy Fallon and John Cena find a way to hug as they reunite on 'The Tonight Show'

The duo put a 2020 spin on a popular 1970s song while celebrating being together in person once again.
/ Source: TODAY

Jimmy Fallon welcomed a guest into his New York City “Tonight Show” studio, and that was something to sing about.

John Cena appeared on Tuesday night’s show, making him the first guest on the program since before the pandemic broke out. The duo marked the occasion by performing their own take on the classic 1979 Peaches & Herb song, “Reunited.”

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“He is the first guest we have had in the studio for a while,” Fallon said, while getting choked up. “Sorry, everyone. I just missed him so much.”

He then grabbed a microphone and launched into his song.

“It’s been too long without you in room / Last time we spoke, you were muted on Zoom,” he began. “This year’s been so weird / But we both persevered / And realized we look better without a beard.”

Cena, dressed in a full suit, then joined Fallon on the stage where the two kept the laughs coming.

“I was in quarantine for way too long / Wish I could give COVID a powerbomb," the former WWE star sang, making a reference to a wrestling move. "Watched way too much Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ / Memorized all four seasons of ‘This is Us.'”

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“Reunited from six feet away / Reunited, so we’re gonna stay / We’re feelin’ so swell / You smell like Purell / I’m glad I’m not nearsighted now we’re reunited,” they sang in the modified chorus.

The pair then lamented getting tired of making bread and doing jigsaw puzzles before they each donned masks, goggles and dishwashing gloves as they leaned in and hugged each other.

“Enough with the six feet!” Fallon said before they continued to sing — and dance — while their words were muffled by their face coverings, as captions on the bottom of the screen let viewers know what they were saying.

“Reunited and it feels so good / Reunited ‘cause we understood / It’s good to see friends, but keep washing those hands / We both are back inside here and we’re reunited,” they sang as they wrapped up, proving that this amusing moment was also a literal touching one.