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Jimmy Fallon gets a lesson in sexual chemistry from Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks gives Jimmy Fallon some sexy modeling tips.

Men will compete alongside women on the next cycle of "America's Next Top Model," and according to supermodel-turned-host Tyra Banks, that means plenty of steamy shoots between the sexes.

But just how do they plan to get the contestants, who start off as strangers, to really look like they're into each other? Banks gave a demonstration on the art of faking sexual chemistry on "Late Night" Wednesday — with more than a little help from host Jimmy Fallon.

"The first thing that we need to do is have mints because you don't want funk breath," she explained.

Then they assumed the body-to-body position.

"Feel the goodness," Banks said as she guided Fallon's hand up her torso. "It's important to have tension. I'll need to feel the tension. Squeeze my arm where you actually see the indentions in my flesh."

Fallon obliged as she demanded he do it "harder … harder! Harder!"


"Oh, my God," Fallon said with a nervous laugh. "I have so much tension right now."

The mints came in handy when they moved on to the real trick to faking it.

"Smell my breath — inhale it," the "Top Model" pro implored before shouting," Pose! Pose! Pose!"

The result? Well, sexy or not, Fallon had one concern: "My wife is going to kill me!"

See more so-called chemistry when the new season of "America's Next Top Model" kicks off Friday night at 8 on The CW.