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Jimmy Fallon fulfills his 'Desire' when U2 calls him up on stage to sing

U2 has appeared on Jimmy Fallon's "Tonight Show," so it was time they returned the favor when they played Madison Square Garden!
/ Source: TODAY

Johnny Cash was known as the "Man in Black." Jimmy Fallon wants to be known as the "singer with the broken finger."

At least, that's how the "Tonight Show" host advertised himself, holding up a placard while hanging out in the audience at U2's Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night — and it was enough to get him noticed by the band. They brought the "Tonight Show" host up on stage! (OK, his celebrity probably had something to do with it, too.)

Once up on stage, Entertainment Weekly reported that Fallon joked, "I'm afraid of Irish men who fall down and injure themselves," referring to both his own freak injury that nearly left him with one less finger and singer Bono's biking accident in 2014.

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Then the good stuff happened: Fallon joined the band in singing "Desire," doing an impersonation of Bono while he sang. "It's not easy being Bono," he laughed.

And after that, the "Tonight Show" band, hip hop outfit The Roots, came out on stage to perform "Angel of Harlem" with U2.

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No question: Jimmy Fallon is definitely living his best life, wounded finger or no.

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