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Jimmy Fallon finds a new job for Charlie Sheen

Now that Ashton Kutcher has landed an enviable Hollywood gig by filling the gap Charlie Sheen left behind on “Two and a Half Men,” “Late Night” host Jimmy Fallon believes he’s found the perfect role for Sheen. If Kutcher gets “Men,” then Sheen should get “Punk’d.”

Actually, Fallon envisions an ego-driven twist for the actor. The show would be called “Sheen’d.” Those wondering what such a show might look like are in luck. On Thursday night, Fallon once again put on his best Sheen impression (which is pretty darned amazing) and previewed “Sheen’d.”

“Welcome my gods and goddesses,” Fallon’s faux Sheen said. “I, the Sheen-man, have this new show where I get to pull the most bitchin’ pranks on droopy-eyed trolls. These pranks are so gnarly, they might melt your face off."

Those puckish acts include pouring soda on some guy’s keyboard, eating an unsuspecting woman’s apple and irritating one office worker by flicking his overhead light on and off. Each not-so-clever trick was punctuated by the main man yelling “Sheen’d!”

Take that, Kutcher!

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