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Jimmy Fallon delivers Top 10 reasons David Letterman is retiring

Shortly after "Late Show" host David Letterman announced his upcoming retirement, big stars — including comics, other hosts and one head of state — came out on social media to applaud the late-night legend for over three decades of entertainment. But on Friday night, "The Tonight Show's" Jimmy Fallon took the tribute all the way to his own show.

First Fallon explained just how instrumental Letterman was when it came to inspiring him to find his own spot behind a late-night desk.

"I think it was after 'Saturday Night Live,' (when) he asked me to guest host for him when he had shingles, and I think that's where I got the bug," Fallon recalled before adding, "No! Not the shingles bug!"

That hosting bug eventually led Fallon all the way to "The Tonight Show." And the news that Letterman intends to leave hosting behind in 2015, led Fallon to deliver one heck of a nod in the form of a Letterman staple: a Top 10 list.

Among Fallon's "Top 10 reasons Letterman is retiring," were such zingers as, "He's not retiring — he's 'consciously unhosting,'" and "One word: E-loprah."

Watch Fallon deliver the list as only he (and of course Letterman himself) could in the clip, and read the full rundown below.

10. Wants to quit while he's still able to compete on "Dancing With the Stars"

9. Made millions selling crack to Rob Ford.

8. Time slot was getting too "Jimmyesque."

7. He's not retiring — he's "consciously unhosting."

6. Stop! Hammock time!

5. Hillary/Letterman 2016!

4. After 31 years, finally got through to the Obamacare website!

3. One word: E-loprah.

2. Jay Leno needs a partner for next season's "Amazing Race."

1. Jimmy Fallon is stealing his bits.

All joking aside, it was clear that Fallon will miss his late-night competition (and friend) when Letterman leaves.

"It's hard to imagine late-night TV without him because he revolutionized it," Fallon told his audience.

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