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Jimmy Fallon burned his face ... with hot sauce? Here's what happened on his show

Jimmy Fallon ended up with burns on one side of his face after being doused with hot sauce from a bucket in a game on "The Tonight Show."
/ Source: TODAY

Jimmy Fallon learned the hard way that if you play with hot sauce, you might get burned.

While playing a game with James Franco on "The Tonight Show" Thursday, the host had a Gatorade bucket filled with hot sauce dumped over his head that left its mark — on his face.

Fallon ended up with burns on the left side of his face after losing badly to Franco in a game of "Cooler Heads."

Each of them were asked multiple choice NFL trivia questions, and the loser had an unidentified substance dumped on their heads from a Gatorade bucket like an NFL coach winning a Super Bowl.

Fallon ended up covered in cold eggnog and tinsel before being doused like a giant Buffalo wing with hot sauce when Franco correctly answered that the Green Bay Packers are the only team to win three straight NFL titles.

Franco, meanwhile, made it through the whole segment with just a single dusting of popcorn.

Fallon later posted a photo on Instagram showing some angry red marks on the left side of his face from the sauce.

"This is the dumbest game I've ever played on this show," Fallon joked at the end.

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