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Jimmy Fallon asks magic mirror 'Mirren, Mirren' life's most important questions

Jimmy Fallon went for a (fairy-tale) classic when Helen Mirren visited "The Tonight Show" on Monday. The comedian reached into his "Late Night" vault from 2012 for a new edition of "Mirren, Mirren" with the award-winning actress.

While dressed as a prince and talking in a silly falsetto, Fallon asked the actress' magic mirror some seriously deep questions, including her thoughts on "Fifty Shades of Grey." "Whips and chains are not my style, but who doesn't like a jolly good spanking once in a while?" the actress/magic mirror replied saucily.

Afterward, Mirren, who stars in the upcoming "The Hundred Foot Journey," poked a bit of fun at the "Tonight Show" host and his accent in the skit. "You sound like an Australian pantomime dame!" she critiqued. "Do you know what a pantomime dame is? It's a guy who dresses up as a woman and does a show at Christmas time for all the kids, and they always (imitates Fallon's prince) talk like that! ... Terrible!"

Not that she was entirely pleased with the getup she wore for "Mirren, Mirren" either, calling it "a horrible costume." "I don't think it's been cleaned since I last wore it," Mirren laughed.

"The Tonight Show" airs weeknights at 11:35 on NBC. "The Hundred Foot Journey" opens in theaters Friday.

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