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Jill Scott no longer a mystery but will her new album sell?

R&B singer prepared to start over with release of second CD
/ Source: The Associated Press

Jill Scott’s debut album, released four years ago, sold more than two million copies, garnered her critical acclaim and answered the question posed by its title: “Who Is Jill Scott?”

Now that her name is recognizable, she’s ready to share some more. Her second studio album, “Beautifully Human, Words and Sounds, Vol. 2,” is set for release on Aug. 31.

Although Scott released a live album in the interim, she told The Associated Press that she wasn’t ready to put out an album of full material until now.

“I could have just run back in and gone into the studio, but I would have been singing completely and totally about life on the road,” the Philadelphia native said Monday in a phone interview.

“I needed to come back home, go grocery shopping, get a cat, spend some time with my husband ... just do everyday things.”

She describes the new album as “warm, like a hug, like a first kiss, like a kitten purring next to you. It sounds so sweet, but it really is. It’s sweet and sincere.”

“Who Is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds, Vol. 1,” with its rich, soulful grooves coupled with the neosoul diva’s poetic flair, garnered instant critical praise, though it took some time to become a wide success. But by 2001, Scott was a platinum star who had three Grammy nominations.

Scott, 32, knows there will be pressure to replicate her success. But she’s not worried — or anticipating huge initial sales.

“I don’t mind starting over again, not at all, I think that would be fun. I’m not looking to jump in. I don’t know what people are expecting. I’m not looking to jump in and be Beyonce,” she laughed. “I’m me.”

And who is Jill Scott now? Scott got married, has been acting and started The Blues Babe Foundation to mentor youth. But the singer says she hasn’t changed all that much.

“I guess I have grown up a little more, but it’s all coming from the same place,” she said. “I still enjoy to a certain degree, I still enjoy arguments. I’m interested in how I feel.”