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Jewel, husband Ty Murray divorcing after 6 years

Ethan Miller / Today
Jewel and Ty Murray attend the American Country Awards in Las Vegas in 2010.

Jewel and her husband Ty Murray are divorcing after six years of marriage. The singer shared details of the decision to part ways in an emotional post on her personal Web site Wednesday.

"Dear World. It is infinitely strange to write those words, especially considering the personal nature of the topic, which is the purpose of my writing today," Jewel wrote at the start of a lengthy blog post. "But the truth is I have lived my life in the public eye since I was nineteen. And while it is intimidating to live a life in the public, it has also been a privilege to make a living with my words, my thoughts, my feelings."

She goes on to talk about her initial fears of living a public life and defend her desire to not pretend or sell herself as something she was not. She then announces that she and her "husband, friend and partner of 16 years" have decided to split.

"Ty and I have always tried to live the most authentic life possible, and we wanted our separation as husband and wife to be nothing less loving than the way we came together. For some time we have been engaged in a private and difficult, but thoughtful and tender undoing of ourselves. Allowing ourselves the time and space to redefine what we are to each other with love rather than malice."

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Jewel, now 40, married professional rodeo cowboy Murray, 44, in the Bahamas on Aug. 7, 2008, after dating for 10 years. A son, Kase, was born on July 11, 2011.

"We did not want anger to burn the ties that bound us," Jewel wrote. "Instead we have chosen the much more difficult task of undoing ourselves stich by stich [sic], and releasing each other with love so that we may take on our new form: dear friends and devoted co-parents of our beloved son Kase. We have no desire to damage ourselves and each other in the process."

At the end of her post, Jewel shared a joint message from the couple.

"Our dedication to our son is unwavering and we are both committed to being the best partners in raising our son," she and Murray wrote. "Due to the spirit in which we have gone about this separation, we trust we can remain dear friends who hold each other in high esteem, which is so important to us as parents — as we wish only what is best for our son."

In March, another high-profile couple parted ways and used a personal post to get ahead of the tabloids. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin expressed "hearts full of sadness" over their much-talked-about "conscious uncoupling."

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