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Is Jessica standing between Nick and Vanessa?

Though it’s been two and half years since Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson went their separate ways, Nick’s old flame still haunts him.
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Though it’s been two and half years since Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson went their separate ways, Nick’s old flame still haunts him. The National Enquirer reports his current ladylove, Vanessa Minnillo, wants to wear his ring, but after Jess, Nick’s in no hurry to head down the aisle again.

“Nick has told (Vanessa) time and time again that he’s just not ready to remarry,” an insider revealed to the magazine. “He’s in love with Vanessa, but part of him still is healing over his split from Jessica. He’s been burned before, and marriage isn’t high on his list of priorities.”

Allegedly, Vanessa worries that Jessica still comes first in Nick’s heart. “She accused Nick of still being in love with Jessica. And that’s just one button you don’t want to push with Nick.”

The source told the Enquirer that the pressure is starting to get to the former boy-bander. “Nick is ready to pull the plug on the relationship. He’s threatened it before, but this is the first time he means it! Vanessa badgers him constantly about commitment. She wants a ring on her finger, a wedding and kids.”

Mama Spears wants a prenupWhile Jamie Lynn Spears plans to wed baby-daddy Casey Aldridge, her mother Lynne’s been busy planning their prenuptial agreement, according to In Touch. It may not seem like a big deal to the “Zoey 101” star, but Lynne insists her daughter’s fortune must be protected.

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“The contract is already drawn up and ready to go,” a close source told In Touch. “Lynne’s not sure marriage is a good idea, but she’ll go along with that if that’s what Jamie Lynn wants – as long as Casey signs the contract.”

This isn’t the first time Mama Spears insisted on a prenup. Her oldest daughter almost tied the knot without one, but quick-thinking Lynne took care of that. In September of 2004, Britney and Kevin Federline exchanged vows in a symbolic wedding ceremony, but Lynne rushed in with the paperwork before the two legally wed a month later.

Dish on the flyNip/tuck rumors abound, but Madonna’s still not ready to set the record straight. “I'm not against plastic surgery, I'm just against discussing it,” she recently told the U.K. edition of Elle magazine. … Amy Winehouse has a new and pricey daily fix, reports The Daily Star. Sources reveal the “Rehab” singer buys $800 jars of Royal Caspian Beluga Caviar and doesn’t even eat it. Allegedly Amy smears the extravagant eggs all over her face in an effort to treat her impetigo-scarred skin. “A makeup artist in Norway told her it was a miracle cream, so she tried it,” a source said. “Now her face is back to its former glory.” … Former “O.C.” hottie Mischa Barton has her eyes set on an A-lister. “I really like Johnny Depp, even though I know that everyone says they like him.” But according to a quote posted to Female First, Mischa not only likes Johnny, she hopes to work with him some day. There’s just one hitch. “If I had to do a love scene with (him), it would be really intimidating!”

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