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Jessica Simpson says daughter used her birthday wish on her grandpa Joe's cancer

Simpson's father was previously diagnosed with cancer in 2016.
/ Source: TODAY

Jessica Simpson is opening up about her daughter's selfless act following her father Joe Simpson's recent diagnosis with bone cancer.

In an Instagram post that celebrated her daughter Maxwell Drew Johnson’s 11th birthday, the 42-year-old singer revealed that Maxwell had a touching birthday wish.

“She told me after she blew out HER 11 candles…’I made a wish that was for me and you and actually the whole family,’” Jessica Simpson wrote in part, before sharing her daughter's actual wish.

“Maxwell’s birthday wish was for her Papa Joe’s bone cancer treatment to work,” Jessica Simpson said. “It did. Thank you Maxi Drew for usin’ your wish on our family and most importantly, my Dad. You are mesmerizing, steadfast, intelligent, passionate, generous, loving, devoted, inspiring, enticing, confident, empathetic, powerful, intuitive, beautiful, DETERMINED, enlightened and FULL OF WONDER.”

Simpson says her daughter's decision to share her wish for her grandpa came after she overheard her mother reading a text from her dad on a trip back to California. The singer said Maxwell looked to her mother, Tina Simpson, for answers, asking, “‘GiGi if my birthday wish came true already can I say it out loud or do I still keep it to myself?’”

The “With You” singer said that her mom told Maxwell that it was okay to share her wish with the group since it had come true.

Simpson concluded her sweet post with a simple statement, adding, “The faith of a child is what keeps all of us ALIVE.”

Joe Simpson was previously diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2016, and underwent prostate surgery after learning of the diagnosis.

He opened up to his youngest daughter, Ashlee Simpson Ross, about the current state of his health during a September 2018 episode of her former E! series, “Ashlee+Evan.”

Joe Simpson spoke to his daughter candidly about receiving treatment for his cancer and how it was affecting him, sharing that he often doesn’t have the energy and has to “power through” the day. 

“A year ago changed my life,” Joe Simpson explained. “I remember saying to the doctor, ‘What if I don’t have surgery?’ He said, ‘In six months, you’ll be dead.’ I really wrestled with just saying, ‘I’ll see you guys later.’”

He added, “I couldn’t do that to you and to your sister and to my little grandbabies.”

Jessica Simpson shares three children with her husband, Eric Johnson: Maxwell, 11, Ace, 9, and Birdie, 4. Simpson Ross shares 14-year-old son Bronx with her ex-husband, Pete Wentz, and Jagger, 7, and Ziggy, 2, with her husband Evan Ross.