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Jessica Simpson won’t talk about Nick

Her publicist stops Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush from asking questions
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Jessica Simpson is very excited about the new shoes in her fashion line, so who can blame her for wanting to talk all about them when she sat down with Access Hollywood's Billy Bush over the weekend?

And while that's fine, Billy also wanted to address the elephant in the room — the status of her marriage with Nick.

But when he did, it led to one interesting interview.

Now, it's not like every moment of Billy's trip out to Lancaster, California (about 70 miles from Hollywood) was uncomfortable. He and Jess did have a little fun to kick things off, like goofing around while getting mic'd up and checking out the interesting locale.

“I'm going to take you into a very cheap motel room, just for a moment,” Billy laughed as they looked at their surroundings.

"Oooh, I love it! This is so romantic,” Jess joked.

And once they got settled inside, Billy was happy to congratulate Jess on one very big honor.

“The tabloids aren't all bad,” Billy smiled. “In Touch has chosen you as the greatest cleavage in America!”

“Very nice. I did not know that,” Jess giggled. “I did not know that, but that's a big compliment.”

But Billy didn't travel out to the California desert to talk about Jess' anatomical accolades. Instead, he and our crew made the drive to see her shoot photos for her new fashion line and to learn all about the clothes… among other things.

“You are known as someone who looks good in clothes. So it's a natural fit for you,” Billy noted.

“Yeah, it's a good thing. I do use my credit card a lot but now Nick can't get mad at me because it's all coming back, you see,” Jess replied.

“Who is the target? Who do you want to dress?” asked Billy.

“I want to dress everybody,” she said.

“You ain't dressing me,” Billy grinned.

“Girls, women,” she smiled.

But as Jessica's career continues to balloon even further, how does she keep it all together?

“I have a lot of really good handlers,” she admitted.

And one of the people Jessica relies upon these days is a therapist. She recently told Teen People it's because she respects what it is they do for a living.

But for some reason, her publicist wouldn't let her tell Billy that.

“You went into therapy. What was behind that decision because a lot of people do?” he asked, only to find Jess reluctant to answer the question.

“I mean, hmm, I don't wanna… Everybody's asking that question,” she softly said.

“I would stay away from that,” a publicist said from off-camera.

Billy tried to explain his position to Jessica and her people.

“There's an unnaturalness to all of this because everybody in the entertainment business in talking about your life in one way and yet…,” he said, only to be interrupted by the publicist.

“This is just about the line and that's all we're talking about. That's why we're here today. I need you to stay with that,” the publicist insisted.

“Do you understand my situation to be here?” Billy asked Jessica.

“Of course,” Simpson admitted.

“I totally understand but that is the focus of why we're here today and that's all we're talking about today,” the publicist said.

Understandable, but frustrating for Billy and our crew. After all, Jessica really became famous by being as honest and open as a person can be, letting it all hang out on “Newlyweds.”

And now that the honeymoon seems to be over, headlines have gotten more and more emphatic. So how do you do an interview without bringing it up?

“Is there something you do say to people though? Is there some kind of position that you have on all these things that have been written about you everywhere we go?” Billy inquired. “Is there one kind of thing you do say to people?”

“Honestly, um,” Jessica said, only to have her people once again speak up in her place.

“That's just not why we're here. If you want to keep talking about the clothing line, that's fine. But that's all we're doing,” the pub said. “That's all we're doing.”

In that case, bring on the shoes!

Jessica and Billy went over her new shoe line and she talked about which shoes would be great for different occasions.

The duo had a good time checking out the new fancy footwear and then it was time to wrap it up. And of course, there was no way Billy would get shut down asking about Jessica's recent charity work, right?

Not so fast.

“Tell me quickly if you can about Operation Smile, which is a terrific organization. You just made a trip to Africa, didn't you?” Billy asked Jessica.

“I did,” she replied. “It was a wonderful great trip that taught me a lot about myself. It just puts life into perspective. I met so many amazing kids. We went into hospitals and did surgeries then we were out on safari and all of kinds of stuff. It was really a beautiful time for me.”

“Did you see anything in particular?” Billy followed up.

But this time, it wasn't Jessica who responded.

“That's it. No other questions,” the publicist interrupted one final time.

Billy looked at Jessica and all she could do was shrug her shoulders and smile.

“Sorry,” she said. “I gotta listen to my peeps.”

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