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Jessica Simpson says she wants six kids

As a quarterback, Tony Romo directs the actions of 10 men on the field, which perhaps could be good preparation if he and girlfriend Jessica Simpson ever decide to start a family.


Because she recently revealed she’s hoping for a hefty amount of offspring.

“I’d love six kids running around, but I guess I’ll have to start pretty soon,” she told Australia’s Daily Telegraph in an interview to promote her new country album “Do You Know.”

Though she’s been booed by the fans of Romo’s team, the Dallas Cowboys, and been on the receiving end of jibes from his teammates, Simpson is thrilled to be romantically involved with the quarterback.

“It’s a beautiful relationship,” she told the paper. “He’s everything I could dream of and I really love him. I’m proud to be his girlfriend.”

And Simpson has no qualms about sharing her love for the football player with the world.

“Even if things don’t work out between Tony and me — though, knock on wood, I believe they will — I don’t regret anything I’ve ever said,” she noted. “That’s just how I love. I’m all in and I live one moment at a time. If I’m happy, I’ll talk about being happy. Maybe I do talk too much, but I still feel as if I’m holding back.

One thing Simpson isn’t holding back about is her excitement over little sister Ashlee Simpson’s pregnancy. Ashlee is due to give birth to her child with husband, Pete Wentz, later this year.

“I already feel as if I’m an aunt because I talk to that baby all the time,” Simpson said. “I’m really close to my sister and since she’s pregnant right now, she’s always around, which is great.”

In the interview, Simpson also addressed questions of her show “Newlyweds,” which she starred in alongside Nick Lachey.

“I don’t regret the show or my marriage. Not at all,” she said. “It made me who I am. I admit I’m a ditz and I’ve had my moments; I’m the first one to walk onstage, trip up in front of thousands of people and split my pants, but I don’t take myself too seriously.”

But now at 28, Simpson said she doesn’t always look back with rose-colored glasses.

“I do look back on that girl and go, ‘Oh Lord, she had a lot of growing up to do,’” she said.