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Jessica Simpson reveals she's dyslexic and read aloud 'without hesitation' for 1st time

Simpson shared the revelation after the audio version of her 2020 memoir was named one of the year's best.
/ Source: TODAY

Jessica Simpson is opening up about being diagnosed with dyslexia.

After the audio version of her bestselling memoir, "Open Book," made Apple Books' list of best audiobooks of 2020, Simpson revealed she has dyslexia, a learning disorder involving language processing that can affect someone's ability to read, spell, write and speak.

"Fact: I'm dyslexic and this was the first time I have ever read out loud without hesitation. I did it for the listener. I did it for my family. I did it for myself," Simpson, 40, wrote on Instagram alongside an image of Apple Books' rave review.

The singer and fashion designer thanked Apple Books "for recognizing and respecting my story."

"Turning my fears into wisdom has been a soulful journey to say the least. I appreciate the power of this praise with all of my heart," she added.

Jessica Simpson in February 2020.Jose Perez / GC Images

Simpson's memoir has been praised for its unflinching candor.

In its pages, the singer revealed that she began self-medicating with alcohol and pills after being sexually abused as a young child.

Simpson recalled hitting rock bottom at a Halloween party at her California home in 2017, when she was too intoxicated to help her kids change into their costumes.

“I was terrified of letting them see me in that shape,” she shared in the book. “I am ashamed to say that I don’t know who got them into their costumes that night.”

The following day, Simpson called her friends and asked for help. Soon after, she began attending twice-a-week therapy sessions, and enlisted a team of doctors to help her quit drinking.

Simpson spoke to TODAY's Hoda Kotb earlier this year about the moment she decided to get sober three years ago.

"I just realized that I had to surrender,'' she said. "I just want to continue on the path that I'm on, and at this point in my life, now I'm strong enough to deal with anything that comes my way. Because I don't have something to retreat to that will numb me from actually going through it."

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