Jessica Simpson is a movie star — in Ukraine

/ Source: Access Hollywood

Jessica Simpson's "Blonde Ambition" may have flopped in America, but the film has landed at the top of the Ukrainian box office.

Could Simpson be the next stateside film export to be panned at home, but celebrated internationally? David Hasselhoff officially has some competition!

After only making a paltry $1,771 in just eight theaters in Texas during its opening weekend, "Blonde Ambition" scored the number one spot in Ukraine, grossing $253,008 for the weekend of Feb. 14-17, Box Office Mojo reports.

"The former Soviet nations have a sweet tooth for straight-up comedies," Conor Bresnan, editor in chief of Box Office Mojo International, told People. "When these comedies have big name celebrities like Jessica Simpsons, that's all that's needed to sell the movie. Russian and Ukrainian audiences have an even bigger urge for escapism than Americans. So, films like 'Blonde Ambition' will gross more than 'No Country for Old Men.'"

In its conquest of former Soviet-bloc countries, "Blonde Ambition" is reportedly headed to Bulgaria next.