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Jessica Simpson is jealous of Carrie Underwood

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo reportedly are back together, but the blonde bombshell wants the NFL jock to stop talking to his famous ex-girlfriend.
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As it turns out, Jessica Simpson’s meddling father wasn’t the only factor in her recent relationship woes with Tony Romo. Although the two are now back together for “a trial thing,” a friend of the singer-turned-actress spoke to In Touch about Jessica’s jealousy issues.

“Jessica can be so insecure when she is with Tony, and it only gets worse when he is around women,” said the friend.

While the pal insists that any female competition is bound to upset Jessica, the subject of Tony’s ex-girlfriend Carrie Underwood is what really riles her.

“(Jessica) is really upset that (Tony’s) still communicating with Carrie,” the source said. In fact, the insider revealed that the Dallas Cowboy quarterback frequently contacts the country-music star via e-mail and text messages even though he knows it bothers Jess. “She had specifically asked Tony to stop,” the insider added.

And “things got worse for Jessica” when Carrie broke up with Chace Crawford back in March, according to the friend. That’s when Jessica allegedly began to fear Carrie really could win Tony back.

“Jessica has to tone down how jealous she gets over things like this,” the friend adds. “It took a toll on their relationship.”

Pete praises Ashlee’s baby bumpWhen the first photos of her mini baby bump hit the news, younger Simpson sibling Ashlee hated what she saw. In an interview with Life & Style, the pop star’s mother, Tina, shared her daughter’s body-image crisis and how Ashlee’s hubby, Pete Wentz, saved the day.

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“Ashlee called me in tears the other day,” Tina told L&S. “She said, ‘Oh my gosh, Mom, did you see those pictures of me on the beach? My stomach looks like a rectangle. I look like SpongeBob SquarePants!”

Tina offered support, but Ashlee refused to take her mom’s words to heart. “I told Ashlee, ‘Aww, honey, no, you’re beautiful — you’re pregnant. She said, ‘but I look so fat!’”

Although Tina found the situation more amusing than worrisome, she sent a text message to her new son-in-law for a little support.

“I told him what Ashlee said, and Pete wrote back, ‘I love SpongeBob!’ Pete’s great!”

Dish on the flyA clean and sober Robert Downey Jr. revealed to Empire Magazine the event that turned his life around. “I have to thank Burger King,” the “Iron Man” star said. Apparently he was driving around with “tons of f---ing dope,” when he stopped for a snack attack. “It was such a disgusting burger I ordered. I had that, and this big soda, and I thought something really bad was going to happen.” The BK order somehow prompted Robert to drive to the shore and dump all the drugs in the ocean. … His own children are estranged from him, but Jon Voight recently had the chance to play the part of father figure and mentor to his “Transformers” co-star Shia LaBeouf. “I guess he saw a kid who needed something that he could provide, which was guidance, a male figure, all of that, education,” the 21-year-old said in a quote posted to Digital Spy. “Jon showed me that there was so much to strive for. He's just a great friend. He's a loving man. I love that guy.”

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