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Jessica Sanchez has no regrets about second-place 'Idol' finish

When Phillip Phillips took top honors on "American Idol," fellow finalist Jessica Sanchez said that she believed the voting public made the right call. Looking back on her second-place finish now, the 16-year-old stands by that assessment.

Sanchez, who performed on TODAY Thursday morning as part of the Toyota Concert Series, continued to sing Phillips' praises when she spoke to Matt Lauer.

"He's really fought through the competition -- not only mentally but physically too," she explained. "I mean, his health issues -- he really fought through it, and now, he's working on it at this moment. I'm really proud of him."

And she's proud of herself too. While she admires Phillips' hard work and perseverance, Sanchez has no regrets about what she brought to the talent showdown.

"Not at all!" she insisted. "I mean, there's been some bumpy moments in the competition, but I made it to the finale. So I have no regrets at all."

With her "Idol" days behind her, Sanchez is now ready to move on a make her own music and "just enjoy life."

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