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Jessica and Nick’s Teen Choice reunion

Fan yelled out ‘Take that, Jessica’ when Nick won his award
/ Source: Access Hollywood

The Teen Choice Awards had everything, including an “awkward” moment for Nick and Jess, a proud moment for Britney and Kevin and an intimate moment for Vince and Jen.

And on the same night all that happened, Jessica teamed up with her rumored boyfriend, comic Dane Cook, as Nick looked on.

“You know we should address the uh, rumors goin' around,” said Dane, during the show.

“It's almost flattering to be associated that way with Jessica,” Dane told us.

No avoiding it! The Jessica-Nick-Dane elephant in the room was acknowledged by all three throughout the show.

Ironically, Nick won the choice love song award, for the tune inspired by the night's hostess and as Lachey took the stage, someone yelled, “Take that, Jessica!”

“Awkward? A little bit,” Nick said.

The two arrived at the Teen Choice Awards about an hour apart, with Nick avoiding all interviews and arriving and leaving without gal pal Vanessa Minnillo.

But both Nick and Jessica lost the Hottie award to Jessica Alba and Orlando Bloom, who spoke to our guest correspondent, “High School Musical's” Ashley Tisdale.

“I made some silly joke about the fact that I sweat a lot, and that maybe I was winning the award because somebody found out my secret, but anyway, it didn't go down too well,” Orlando told Ashley.

And Johnny Depp, at 43, proved he still has the young vote, as the audience went nuts for him with a standing ovation that lasted more than a minute.

Jen and Vince, who scored the Best Chemistry award, pre-taped a playful speck.

“Chemistry, on screen chemistry, it's not really an equitable kind of thing, there's...” Vince began.

“It's not something that just sort of happens, it kind of...” Jen interrupted.

“I guess part of having chemistry is someone cutting you off while you're in the middle of a sentence, obviously,” said Vince, in the scripted exchange.

Ashley also got a chance to chat with Kevin Federline.

“Are you excited about the new baby?” Ashley asked.

“Uh, more than excited,” Kevin told Ashley. “I can't express. Words can't express my children at all.”

“And is Britney going to be here tonight? Did she sneak in?” Ashley asked.

“I don't know, I don't know,” Kevin said.

Britney was there, sporting dark locks for a change but still chewing that gum. The beautifully pregnant Britney introduced Kevin's debut performance.

“Please give a warm welcome to my man, Kevin Federline,” Britney announced.“Everybody I've talked to said that they're here because of you,” Ashley told Kevin.

“That's great. I love it. Come one, come all out,” Kevin said.

K-Fed's highly-produced show closer met with warm applause and mixed reviews.

But the real show stealer was Jason McElwain — the 17-year-old autistic basketball phenom, who sunk six three-pointers in his high school's final home game.

And the Teen Courage award.

“This proves that no matter what disability you have, or what disadvantages you have in life, there is always a chance to succeed,” Jason said.

“The whole world was watching, so you can't, you can't like, its like you can't choke,” Jason laughed.

And Jason scored again by getting to meet his favorite siren — Carmen Electra!

“She's a beautiful hottie,” Jason exclaimed.