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Jessica Chastain: Help! My grandma's dog was stolen from McDonald's

Jessica Chastain's grandmother is "devastated," according to the Instagram post that went up Thursday afternoon.
/ Source: TODAY

Jessica Chastain's grandmother may not be loving it. Her local McDonald's, that is.

The Oscar-nominated actress alerted fans on Instagram Thursday that her grandma's puppy was stolen from the chain restaurant.

Her picture of the little pup, Livvy, included a note that a reward would be offered to anyone who could rightfully return the dog to her owner. She said her grandma, Marilyn Herst, is "devastated."

Within the long list of comments, a message from what appears to be her grandmother's account reads: "Livvy is still at large. Grammy needs her to come home! NOW!!!"

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We can only hope Chastain's post will bring awareness to the situation, and Livvy will return home soon!