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Jessica calls Tony her ‘future husband’

Rumor has it the Dallas Cowboys quarterback is shopping for rings, and Jessica’s already referring to him as “my future husband.”
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Despite reports to the contrary, it looks like the Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo’s relationship is stronger than ever. Rumor has it the Dallas Cowboys quarterback is shopping for rings, and Jessica’s already referring to him as “my future husband.” In an interview with Glamour, the smitten singer-turned-actress dishes how their whirlwind romance began.

It all started when Jessica was still in the midst of her split from Nick Lachey. “The cute story is that my family and I were watching a Cowboys game,” she explained. “I was going through my divorce and — Tony would die if I told you this — but (on television there was a story) about him. They said his celebrity dream crush was Jessica Simpson.”

It was a year and a half later before the two would finally meet, but Jessica knew they had something special from the start. “The fact that this guy, on our first date, in the first 10 minutes of dinner, wanted to lean over the table and say, ‘This is my girl and I want to kiss her’ — our first kiss in front of everybody — was awesome.”

A not-so-shy Jessica showed Tony her approval. “I was like, ‘Do it again.’ He said no. I was like, ‘Fine, I will.’”

Is Jen set for heartbreak? Hollywood’s newest lovebirds, Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer, were recently spotted enjoying a cozy dinner together, according to OK! magazine. An onlooker told the magazine, “They were looking into each other’s eyes,” and “it looked like they were in love.”

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But everyone’s favorite former “Friends” star may want to proceed with caution. John’s pals fear Jen could be headed for heartbreak, given the troubadour’s love ‘em and leave ‘em ways.

“Girls fall for him hard because he's charming,” a friend told the magazine. “But he has a reputation for crushing the girls he's with.”

Maybe Jen should have some girl talk with Jessica. Jess dated John in 2006 and, according to one of her pals, “He came on so strong at first. He wanted to be with her every moment. When he wasn't physically with her, he was texting her — but all of a sudden, he got bored and stopped returning her calls.”

Dish on the fly As far as Paris Hilton’s concerned, they just don’t come any sweeter than her main man, Benji Madden. “He actually wrote me a beautiful song, and actually recorded it in the studio,” the celebutante told People. “He surprised me with it. It's called, 'Shine Your Light.' It's this really beautiful love song about me. It was the sweetest thing that anyone has ever done for me.” … After mastering some tricky stunts in her upcoming film “Speed Racer,” there’s just not much left for Christina Ricci. “I learned to pick up a gun mid-cartwheel on the second take,” she said in a quote posted to ContactMusic. “I basically have no more ambition in life.”

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