Jessica Biel talks pregnancy rumors, discusses baby Silas' musical talent

/ Source: TODAY
By Rebekah Lowin

Jessica Biel sat down with Ellen DeGeneres and opened up about babies — both the one she's currently mothering with husband Justin Timberlake, and the one(s) that she may or may not be currently carrying.

Silas, her son, is certainly enough of a handful. The little guy is slowly developing a personality of his own, which (unsurprisingly!) includes a love of music — specifically, his father's.

"I listen to [Timberlake's] music probably more than I should. It's maybe slightly creepy," admitted Biel to the talk-show host. "I love his music. I literally am probably [his] No. 1 fan, I would say. And Silas loves his music, so I want him to hear it a lot. We listen to it in the car a lot."

DeGeneres asked the question on everyone's minds at that point: Did Silas get a preview of his dad's music while in the womb?

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"Oh, yeah," responded Biel. "And I went to probably 40, 50 concerts when I was pregnant and literally just stood there and the music was just slamming.

"I actually thought, I'm going to damage this child," she joked. "Not yet."

Silas, who will turn 1 next month, is "adorable," according to DeGeneres. And listening to music isn't his only hobby; he loves to make his own, too. "He's gotten just recently these drum-sets, and he likes to drum, he likes to play his piano ... and he likes to drum with his head."

Yes, with his head.

"Which is, I just think it's ... that's genius, if you ask me," continued Biel.

"Yeah, no, because a lot of people have not thought of that yet," DeGeneres added.

As for the rumors that she's pregnant? "I know, isn't it exciting, guys?" she said, eliciting a few cheers from the studio audience before she made it clear with a few laughs that she was joking.

"Man, I thought I was doing good with my yoga practice, I thought I was in the gym, but no, I have a gut, apparently."

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Biel isn't the only one dealing with false (if humorous) rumors.

"I've heard Portia and I are getting divorced," sympathized DeGeneres. "And I've asked her about it, and she doesn't know anything about it, either."