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Jessica Biel says her NSYNC Halloween costume was all Justin Timberlake's idea

The actress is all about giving credit where credit is due.
/ Source: TODAY

Jessica Biel drew raves by dressing up as husband Justin Timberlake from his NSYNC years for Halloween. As it turns out, he was the brains behind the operation.

“This was his idea,” Biel said on Monday night’s episode of “The Late Late Show with James Corden” when Corden showed a picture of her dressed as her hubby and Timberlake dolled up as her microphone. “This was all his idea. ‘You’re gonna do this.’”

Biel, who was joined on “The Late Late Show” by actress Natasha Lyonne, also said the outfit was authentic, unbeknownst to Timberlake.

“I was working in New York, so I literally was flying back on Halloween night,” explained the “Limetown” actress, who unveiled the costume at the Casamigos Halloween Party in Beverly Hills a few days before Halloween.

“I had missed my flight and the whole crew of all of our friends being the band members were waiting on me to get there and I was late, so my friends threw my outfit in the car," said Biel, who was embarrassed last month after a 1999 video of her saying she didn't like NSYNC resurfaced. "I went from the airport, I changed in the car, but I surprised Justin because I remembered we have that exact jumpsuit that he wore in storage. So, I pulled it out and it was the real one. It’s for real. It’s the real jumpsuit.”

“It’s absolutely sensational,” said Corden, who was stunned that Timberlake was responsible for the costume.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel
Biel got some friends to help pay tribute to NSYNC this Halloween.Michael Kovac / Getty Images for Casamigos

“So, this was his idea?” he asked.

“Yeah, his idea,” Biel said.

“I just can’t imagine my wife’s face if I went, ‘You know what you should dress as? Me!” Corden joked, eliciting laughs from Biel and Lyonne. “She would divorce me so fast. She would divorce me in a heartbeat.”

We can only guess that Biel and Timberlake are just a little bit more NSYNC than Corden and his wife.