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Jesse James Ordered to Face Off With Baby Mama!

Jesse James better buy a plane ticket back to SoCal if he wants to avoid ticking off a judge.
/ Source: E!online

Jesse James better buy a plane ticket back to SoCal if he wants to avoid ticking off a judge.

Why, you might ask?

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See, James and ex-wife Janine Lindemulder are still locked in a custody battle over their daughter, Sunny.

Exactly a year ago this week, the motorcycle mogul had testified in an Orange County, Calif., court that he wanted the 6-year-old girl to move to Austin with him because she doesn't like living with her ex-con, recovering-addict mom, who was released from a halfway house in June 2010.

Lawyers for both sides appeared in the same courthouse today. While Lindelmulder was present, however, James was a no-show.

To be fair, there was some confusion among the lawyers as to whether James was actually ordered to appear today or not, but Lindemulder attorney Richard Masson announced that he intends to file a contempt of court order against James for not complying with court orders and appearing.

Lawyers for both sides huddled with Judge David Belz in chambers for a half-hour before he set a follow-up hearing for July 22, with the judge saying he "wants [James] here on that."

James' lawyer has requested that the entire case be moved to Texas, where he is currently living, but that motion has yet to be addressed.

Last year, in a huge blow to Lindemulder, who was seeking to spend more time with their daughter, James won primary physical custody of the child, allowing him to take her to Austin.

But after Sunny moved and started school in Austin, Lindemulder cried foul, saying James was trying to turn Sunny against her and trying to cut off contact between the two.

In the meantime, Belz asked both James and Lindemulder to continue to work on some kind of settlement when it comes to their daughter and her time split between the two homes.

Based on their past track record, though, we're not holding our breath.

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