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Jesse James Bashes Sandra Bullock (Again), Says "Millions of Other Men" Cheat on Their Wives

For someone who appeared to be the brooding, silent type while he was married to Sandra Bullock, Jesse James certainly isn't holding back now.
/ Source: E!online

For someone who appeared to be the brooding, silent type while he was married to Sandra Bullock, Jesse James certainly isn't holding back now.

In fact, he won't STFU.

While on a majo r D-bag tour promoting his new autobiography, American Outlaw, the Monster Garage star has claimed that his new tatted-up fiance Kat Von D is way better in bed than Bullock, then claimed he "wanted to get caught" cheating on America's sweetheart. Now he's taking it one step further.

Thought it couldn't get worse? How about who cares, because "millions of other men" also cheat.

Somebody get this guy a sock stat, because you won't believe his latest rant.

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In an interview with Men's Journal, James really lets loose on the Miss Congeniality star, saying he "was never 100 percent in" the marriage. Ouch.

As for the scandal that made him the most hated man in America following the Oscars, James remains unapologetic about it.

"I never shied away from anything I did," James said. "I took full responsibility. I cheated on my wife. Guess what? So do millions of other men."

The motorcycle-loving tatted-up dad of three explains why he stayed mum immediately following the public airing of his infidelity and revealed the reason he checked himself into rehab after he was caught.

"People assumed I was a d--k because I didn't defend myself," he said. "I went in [to rehab] thinking, all these people in this place? They are really f--ked up. I figured out pretty fast I was the f--ked up one. I realized I was addicted to anger. And it was going to be up to me to straighten my s--t out."

Guess who saved him?

"Back when I was listening every day to some new person say what a f--kup I was, I hit the wall," he said. "I had a day where I was literally wondering how much more of this I could take. And one person reached out. Guess who that was? Everyone else thought I was toxic. The fact that Kat is willing to be with me now? And get demonized in the tabloids for it? God, I really love her."

James said much of his anger stemmed from not being true to himself. During his time with Bullock, he was dragged around to fancy Hollywood functions where he was forced to make small talk with A-listers.

"I'd just talk to them about NPR, did you hear Diane Rehm today? I tried to fit into that mold. I look back at who I was then and I want to punch myself in the face," he said.

James continues the Bullock bashing on Piers Morgan Tonight (airing tonight on CNN), telling the British talk-show host that Bullock's awards show speeches calling him "her rock" were total BS.

"She said that same speech at four different awards shows," James said.

When Morgan asked what his point was, James replied, "You can take whatever you get out of it," adding that he believes she meant it "to a certain extent" but that she does act for a living.

He's also "100 percent" glad to be out of Hollywood now and no longer married to a glamorous movie star.

"I don't know how I survived in there as long as I did, I just can't hang with them," he said. "It's just pretend, it's not real. It's more about myself and where I belong in this world."

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