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Jersey Shore: Is Snooki Being Replaced?!

Jersey Shore's got a new pint-sized loudmouth sex-obsessed boozehead.
/ Source: E!online

Jersey Shore's got a new pint-sized loudmouth sex-obsessed boozehead.


Does Snooki have anything to worry about?

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Nope, because Snookers is best buds with the reality show's newest roomie. If ya haven't heard by now, Deena Nicole Cortese moved into the Seaside Heights share when Snooki &Co. returned to the Garden State after their stint in Miami.

And as I first told you yesterday, the premiere episode of the new season (airing Thursday on MTV) features a very liquored up Deena hurling the c-word at Sammi.

"I was very drunk and nervous the first day," Deena tells me. "But you know what though? At the time I felt like I had to stick up for myself or I would have been walked all over. It's like, she's laughing in my face. I wasn't just going to let her do it. I felt the need to kind of step up."

But the dreaded c-word?

"I know, I know," Deena said. "I definitely regret saying it to Sammi because I love her now."

No surprise, but Deena admits we'll probably be seeing her trashed some more throughout the season. "Honestly, I mean, I'm a party girl," she said. "I partied. I was very, very close with especially the boys and like even when the girls didn't go out, I'd go out with the boys. I couldn't sit in the house."

That doesn't mean, however, she ended up having drunk sex with any of the guys in the house--or any other guys, for that matter. "I didn't do sex really either," she said. "I just like to make out and cuddle."

As for announcing on the first episode that she brought a vibrator with her to the house, Deena blames that on the alcohol, too. "You know what's really funny?" she said, "I didn't even bring a vibrator. I think I was buzzed and I lied! I don't know why I said it."

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