'Jeopardy!' host Alex Trebek has a beard, and we have all sorts of questions

What is ... a big surprise for season 35, Alex?
/ Source: TODAY

After 35 years on the air, Alex Trebek still knows how to keep us guessing.

And these days our biggest question is: What is up with that beard?

Trebek surprised everyone over the weekend by showing up all over social media introducing the new season and displaying a fresh hirsuteness, thanks to a dignified gray beard.

Fans, including some "Jeopardy!" champs, naturally went bananas:

But the main thrust of all of the captions for his Facebook, Instagram and Twitter videos was this: If you think the beard is a twist, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Alex Trebek, pre-beard, at the 150th anniversary of Canada's Confederation at the Official Residence of Canada on June 30, 2017 in Los Angeles.Getty Images

On Monday, "Jeopardy!" fans got a little taste of what's to come in this anniversary year, including the first "All-Star" team tournament.

Some of us are particularly excited to see bartender, game champ and all around wiseacre Austin Rogers back up at the podium as a team captain.

Back in the day (that is, 1984) Alex Trebek was a mustache man on "Jeopardy!"Courtesy Everett Collection

We've seen Trebek, 78, fool around with facial hair before, but largely it's been a mustache/no-mustache situation. Maybe the change was part of his recent contract negotiations.

Trebek has hosted the legendary quiz show since 1984. He's signed until 2020 to remain as host, but suggested in July that he could retire soon.

Whatever the reason for the spiffy new look, it's got us excited to see what other curve balls he's going to throw this season. We eagerly await answers from the show that has them all.