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'Jeopardy!' contestant Matt Jackson's smile, attitude is obsessing the Internet

Fans of the show have been glued to their screens as one ongoing winner proves compelling and unusual.
/ Source: TODAY

Most "Jeopardy!" champions come and go, and fail to prove any more memorable than the sums they take home with them.

Not so for Matt Jackson, the 23-year-old paralegal from Washington, D.C. who has won over $289,000 after trampling his competition nine times over the past two weeks. But he's memorable not just because host Alex Trebek already speculated that he might beat Ken Jennings' 74-win streak ... but for his slow-building smile and cries of victory after a particularly tough question.

"The Soup" took especial notice of that smile, which comes up at the top of each episode he's been in, last week. Jackson starts with a blank face, then as the camera slowly zooms in to detail his status his smile grows ... and grows. (He's also taken to holding up his fingers to indicate how many days he's won during that introduction.)

From there, suddenly it seemed the whole Internet was getting on board the Jackson train, turning him into a meme that featured not only that smile but his cry of "boom!" punctuated with a fist-smacking-into-his-palm gesture after a particularly tricky question.

Throughout any given episode Jackson is a model of intensity and doesn't have much time for banter, often talking over Trebek's more laconic style of presenting the answers.

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During any given show, Jackson blazes through whole categories and bets big on the Daily Doubles, which he finds frequently. All of which indicates he's a longtime fan of the show who has studied diligently — and could keep winning for some time to come.

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Boom! This is one man who seems to have all the answers. Er, questions.

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