'Jeopardy!' contest Laura Ashby's accent confuses the Internet

/ Source: TODAY

What is... upspeak.

That's the answer to the question "Jeopardy!" fans have been asking at home this week thanks to contestant Laura Ashby, the contestant who's stumped viewers and fans online with her vocal inflection since she first appeared on the show on Nov. 6.

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The attorney's accent doesn't give away any geographical location, but has a distinctive upward inflection at the end.

And she captivated (and confused) everyone online.

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Someone even made Ashby's voice a Twitter parody account.

On the show, Ashby revealed that she is from Georgia, where she also currently works, and left home to go to college first at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee and then at Yale in Connecticut.

While Ashby was eliminated from the show on Tuesday, she took home almost $40,000 in the end.