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Even Alex Trebek was shocked when this happened on 'Jeopardy!' Tuesday

This hasn't happened on the show in years.
/ Source: TODAY

Alex Trebek has seen it all as host of "Jeopardy!" over the 36 years of his reign.

But that doesn't mean he can't still be surprised. And on Tuesday's episode, he admitted that he couldn't recall the last time the show's Final Jeopardy! round ... was done solo.

Still, that's what happened. Only one contestant — returning champion Kevin Walsh — ended up eligible to compete in the last question of the game. His fellow contestants, Natt Supab and Alex Switzky, ended up either with a zero balance or in the red, which knocked them out of the game.

The show shared the moment on Twitter and Instagram:

The Instagram caption read, "Who came out on top after today's Final Jeopardy! round? Hint: It was either Kevin, Kevin, or Kevin."

The Twitter post read, "Today's Final Jeopardy! was no contest. Congrats on the 4th win, Kevin!"

In the Twitter clip from the show's final moments, Trebek notes, "Stage looks like a very lonely place right now. I cannot recall the last time we had only one player in Final Jeopardy!"

He's right: It has been a while since a player was alone in the final round — according to TVLine, the last time it happened was on March 12, 2015, with contestant Kristin Sausville.

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Walsh figured out the answer to the clue pretty easily (we won't say it here, but Stephen King fans should be able to guess it without a problem), and ended up with a four-day total of $81,700.

If you think that's odd, though, at least somebody won! As "Jeopardy!" statistics tally site The Jeopardy! Fan notes, there have been games without a winner at all. The last one of those happened in 2016, when all three players went all in, failed to get the question right, and zeroed out.

Hey, it's nice that after all of these years, it's still possible to surprise Alex!

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