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Is Jennifer Lopez's latest social media post a shoutout to Ben Affleck?

Fans looking for an official sign that Bennifer is back on think they’ve found it in J.Lo’s “special” Instagram message.
/ Source: TODAY

Rumors of a romantic reunion between Jennifer Lopez and her former fiancé Ben Affleck have been buzzing for the past two weeks, and now some fans of the early aughts couple believe it’s official: Bennifer is back!

That’s not due to a statement from the stars, recent paparazzi pics or even news of the Montana vacation they allegedly took together earlier this month. Instead, those hopeful fans are pointing to a post Lopez shared on Instagram as some sort of covert confirmation.

On Thursday night, J.Lo posted a video montage of singles from a hit album she released in 2002, along with a message about how important that recording is to her.

“All of my albums are very special to me, but This Is Me…Then is my favorite album I’ve ever done…so far!” the 51-year-old wrote. “I know a lot of you have heard me say that before, so in honor of my #JLovers helping it re-enter the album charts AGAIN after 19 years…here is a lil #TBT.”

While there was no mention of her 48-year-old ex in the post, raving about the album she wrote during their 2002-04 relationship was enough to spark excitement. After all, she dedicated that album to Affleck and wrote to him in the liner notes, “You are my life ... my sole inspiration for every lyric, every emotion, every bit of feeling on this record."


“This Is Me…Then” even features a track titled “Dear Ben,” with lyrics like, “I write this song to let you know / That you will always be / My lust, my love, my man, my child, my friend, and my king / I love you, you're perfect / A manifestation of my dreams.”

And the video for the album’s biggest single, the chart-topper “Jenny From the Block,” even stars Affleck.

Lopez’s fans and followers on Instagram couldn’t contain their enthusiasm about her post and about what it might mean for the one-time Hollywood “it” couple.

Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck at the "Daredevil" premiere in Westwood, California, on Feb. 9, 2003.Kevin Winter / Getty Images

“This is the Ben album. it’s happening!!!!!” one wrote, while another went with: “Omgggg this is totally confirming Bennifer!! Yay!” Others exclaimed, “This is the Bennifer energy we need,” “It’s really happening” and “BENNIFER IS ALIVE!”

Of course, Lopez didn’t explicitly confirm anything, but one thing is clear: The thought of a nostalgia-packed Bennifer reunion has fans wanting to believe.