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Jennifer Lopez is proud of her shimmy

Star talks about her new film with husband Marc Anthony at ShoWest
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Hollywood has temporarily relocated to Las Vegas for the ShoWest convention, where the biggest stars on Earth showcase their new movies to the people who own local movie theaters.

Access Hollywood’s Tony Potts made the trek to Sin City to get all the latest buzz from the stars and he kicked things off with some scoop — and a shimmy — from Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony.

“Tell me about the shimmy,” Tony asked J.Lo and Marc.

“It took us four days to shoot that one because she wasn’t having it,” Marc laughed.

You can just call it the “El Cantante” shimmy. As Marc’s character asks Jennifer to move from in front of the TV, she obliges with an impressive shimmy.

“It went through 40 pages of re-writes,” Marc laughed.

“Marc was telling me he wanted to do the shimmy, but contractually you got it,” Tony joked with Jen.

“He wanted to do it? I find that very hard to believe,” she grinned. “He is a real jokester.”

In “El Cantante,” Marc plays Salsa legend Hector Lavoe and Jennifer stars as his on-screen wife, Puchi. But Marc was warned about working with real-life spouses.

“I got calls from all my friends saying it could be a nightmare,” Marc revealed. “But it was the best time that we ever had!”

But this is far from the first time the two have ever teamed up.

“We worked together so many different times on so many different projects, it’s just really natural for us,” Jennifer said. “This was just kind of the epitome of that.”

In fact, more good times are ahead as Jennifer will soon be making an appearance on one of the couple’s favorite shows — “American Idol.”

“Is she going to perform?” Tony asked Marc.

“Yeah, Spanish stuff. Her first single is flying off the charts and we are just so proud of it. That’s what she will be performing and I will be there,” Marc said.

“I’m excited about it,” Jennifer added. “They asked me to come on. I got this e-mail from my manager that said ‘They know you have a Spanish album coming out and they want to know if you will come on when they do a Latin theme show.’ So I’m going!”

Catch Jennifer on “Idol” April 11 and on the big screen with Marc in “El Cantante” when it hits theaters August 1.