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Jennifer Lawrence: Four fabulous moments from fumbled speech

How is it possible for anyone to have as much self-possession and chutzpah as 22-year-old Jennifer Lawrence? Of course, it's a good thing she does -- the Oscar-winning actress does tend to fumble around a bit at awards ceremonies (who can forget her tumble at the Oscars) -- but thanks to her quick wit and inability to lose her cool she comes out on top.

The latest example to surface? Back in January, Lawrence accepted a best actress award for "Silver Linings Playbook" from the LA Film Critics, and the video of her speech had everyone cracking up -- but they were laughing with her, not at her. Here are four of the best moments from that less-than-four-minute speech:

Acknowledging her Bradley Cooper 'relationship'

"Silver Linings Playbook" co-star Cooper introduced Lawrence, then quickly scooted off the stage; her first comments were directed at him: "I just found out about our relationship in the tabloids today so I do think ... I think we should break up."

Sick of it

Lawrence was memorably ill during awards season; a flu she was battling at the Golden Globes blossomed into walking pneumonia by the SAG Awards. And during her speech, she's still coughing -- but joking about it. In the video, she's out of breath and coughing, apologizing to the crowd: "Sorry to everyone who I shook hands with, I'm sick so you're screwed."

What a heel

Just after that apology, Lawrence is attempting to get back on track when she stumbles (despite not walking anywhere) and discovers the heel of her shoe has gone wonky: "God, sorry! I'm really not trying to like -- I'm sorry, I'm like all three of the Stooges right now. I'm on Sudafed, I'm sorry!"

Get back in the game

By the end of the speech, Lawrence is still holding on to her self-possession, but she's also starting to have trouble looking at the crowd. Fortunately, she's won them over and they're shouting back at her that she's "doing fine!" "Am I? I'm afraid to look at all of you. ... Shouldn't have looked at Bradley, that was a mistake," she says.

In the end, it's a primer on how not to get flustered during a speech. If Jennifer Lawrence can walk out in front of a roomful of critics, hopped up on cold medication and still remain this charming, anyone can. Go JLaw!