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Jennifer Lawrence damaged 'American Hustle' gown with Dorito dust

Dorito dust is a menace — the orange powdery stuff gets all over everything it touches. And it doesn't limit itself to raining only on us regular chip crunchers, it dusts itself on Oscar winners as well.

Francois Duhamel / Today
Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams both had some costume issues in "American Hustle."

Michael Wilkinson, Oscar-nominated costume designer for "American Hustle," said in a Vanity Fair discussion that the costume department made four different versions of a low-cut white gown Jennifer Lawrence wears in the film.

“And I’m kind of glad we did,” the magazine quotes Wilkinson as saying. “because Jennifer Lawrence is a very . . . let’s say . . . raw and intuitive young lady, and she’s not against eating Doritos and snack food in her costume. So we were glad that we had a couple (backup gowns).”

The dress wasn't expensive to make, Wilkinson said, explaining that director David O. Russell requested the gown look cheap and stretchy, so he found fabric that cost $3.99 a yard. 

"American Hustle's" late 1970s setting meant that the costume department borrowed a vintage Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress from a midwestern store. The filmmakers loved it so much that a wine stain on the dress was actually written into the plot. Adams' character scoops up abandoned outfits from the dry cleaner run by Christian Bale's character, which Wilkinson says explains the stain.

"We thought that we would come up with a back story to justify the stain," he said. "Someone left the dress at the dry cleaner, they couldn’t get the stain out. And it was Amy’s fortune that she got to keep the dress. She didn’t care about the stain because she felt like a million bucks in it, and Christian loved her in it.”