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/ Source: TODAY
By Ree Hines

One of our very favorite actresses stopped by TODAY Wednesday to talk family, faith and moving on.

The always-relatable Jennifer Garner opened up to Savannah Guthrie, explaining how she and Ben Affleck, who recently separated after 10 years of marriage, are adjusting to their new normal.

"You know what? We're doing really well," she said. "The kids are great, they'll be getting up and going to school soon. And Ben is there, and he'll be taking them."

In short, she said of their new direction: "We will make it work."

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"It's not easy to go through it — period," she told Savannah. "I have found going through it in the public eye, it's just another facet of it. But for anyone, when your life shifts in any way, it's tricky enough. But I have found people to be so warm and loving that it hasn't been nearly as bad as you might imagine."

Affleck and Garner also benefited by having their faith to lean on during it all.

"I grew up going to church every Sunday, and Ben and I took our kids home to West Virginia to be baptized in my family's church," Garner explained.

But her experience filming "Miracles From Heaven," a story that focuses on the value of faith for a family faced with a sick child, has bolstered that foundation for her.

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"The thing about this film was it kind of encouraged me to reengage in just participating — not just believing — actually participating in raising my children so that they have the same background my parents gave my sisters and me," she said.

"Miracles From Heaven" is in theaters now.

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