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Jennifer Garner revisits beloved '13 Going on 30' scene in new video

Garner starred in the 2004 rom-com as a 13-year-old girl who wakes up in an adult woman's body.
/ Source: TODAY

Jennifer Garner is revisiting a beloved moment from one of her most famous films, "13 Going on 30." The 48-year-old actor posted a video where she dances to "Thriller" with a child actor from her new movie "Yes Day."

In a behind-the-scenes video posted to Instagram, Garner appears to be on the set of the Netflix hit and can be seen performing the iconic dance, which pays homage to a hit scene from the 2004 rom-com.

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"Victoria was an awesome photo double for 'Ellie' (@everlyeverywhere) on YES DAY," Garner wrote in the caption of the video, which substitutes her vocals in place of Jackson's. "She had one big ask of me: For everyone to see us dance 'Thriller' together. Does this work for you, cutie-patootie? (So many amazing kids in and behind the scenes, I’m proud of all of you)."

In "13 Going on 30", Garner’s character Jenna — a teen who is suddenly transported into an adult woman’s body — re-creates the choreography from Michael Jackson’s 1983 music video for "Thriller" at an event for the magazine where she works.

Back in 2018, Garner's co-star from "13 Going on 30" Judy Greer opened up about the beloved scene.

“It was really hard to learn that dance, and the first, like, four hours that we were doing it, it was super fun," she told TODAY. "And then every minute after that, I was, like, ‘OK, I'm good. I don't need to ever hear this song again for the rest of my life.’ And we are coming up upon the holiday season, where I will get to hear that song so much. And every time, I'll immediately start to get hot, and my legs will start to get sore. Even if I'm just sitting in a chair.”

She added, “I think people still love ‘13 Going on 30' because everyone can relate to wanting to go back and try it a different way. It's still so fun, and the humor holds up, and who doesn't love Jennifer Garner?"