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Jennifer Garner re-creates a classic 'Friends' episode — with Legos!

See the actress voice all the beloved characters in a hilarious Instagram clip.
Jennifer Garner is a true "Friends" superfan.
Jennifer Garner is a true "Friends" superfan.Getty Images, jennifer.garner/Instagram
/ Source: TODAY

As “Friends” episodes go, “The One With the Embryos” is a true fan favorite, but some fans may not know it by its official title.

Maybe they call it “The One Where Phoebe Finds Out She’s Pregnant,” “The One With the Epic Quiz” or just “The One Where We First Heard the Name Miss Chanandler Bong.”

But after watching this clip, it will forever be known as the one that proved Jennifer Garner is the ultimate “Friends” superfan.

On Tuesday, the actress decided to welcome Instagram newbie Jennifer Aniston to the social media platform by re-creating the epic quiz scene from the aforementioned episode — with the help of her “Friends”-themed Lego playset.

Garner voiced every single character as they tested their knowledge of each other for the ultimate stakes: Monica’s amazing rent-controlled apartment.

In "The One With the Embryos," the "Friends" find out just how well they really know each other.NBC

“What was Monica’s name in field hockey?” Garner-as-Ross asked. “Big Fat Goalie!” Garner-as-Joey shot back.

Sure, every now and again one of the plastic cast members would lose their hairpiece or suddenly fall over, but when it came to the lines and the delivery, the 47-year-old nailed it — right down to Rachel’s losing answer about Chandler’s job (“Transponster!”).

Monica and Rachel lost to Joey and Chandlier, but the viewers were the real winners in this "Friends" trivia face-off. NBC

The comments that followed the clip raved about Garner’s performance.

Some called it “delightful,” others said it was “amazing.”

“Big Little Lies” star Merrin Dungey wrote, “You just recreated my favorite scene from my favorite show of all time and I’m forever changed by this moment."

And even Instagram’s newest star had high praise for it.

“Genius,” Aniston wrote, adding a heart and several applause emoji to her message.