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Jennifer Garner's reaction to getting a surprise call from Julie Andrews is perfect

Garner shared a series of photos with fans showing how surprised she was to receive a call from Julie Andrews.
/ Source: TODAY

Jennifer Garner really is just like us. Well, we don't necessarily get calls from Julie Andrews but if we did, we would have reacted just as Garner did!

The actress showed a series of photos on her Instagram, along with a video in her Instagram stories, that were taken when Andrews surprised her with a phone call. The call was arranged by Katie Couric, who interviewed Andrews for her "Next Questions with Katie Couric" podcast."

"I am a huge fan. I love what you do," Andrews told Garner. "Katie was just telling me you're pretty admiring of me too, so I thought, 'Well let's just have a chat!'"

Garner was starstruck, to say the least. Her reactions ranged from wiping away tears to joyfully kicking a leg in the air to falling on the ground in disbelief that she had finally talked to her idol.

"You know what, Julie Andrews, miss," she said, correcting herself. Andrews cut her off and said, "Oh, stop! Julie or Jules."

Andrews asked Garner why they hadn't bumped into each other at any events over the years, but it turns out they had and Garner simply couldn't bring herself to approach Andrews.

"I saw you from afar once and I couldn't just put it into words and I couldn't possibly be normal, so I just admired," she said.

This isn't the first time Garner has fangirled over Andrews. She posted a video of herself crying as she sang during a screening of "The Sound of Music," which Andrews stars in, at the Hollywood Bowl.

The phone call ended with Couric arranging for them to get lunch the next time they're all in the same city.

Garner's posts received plenty of comments from fans who were loving see how starstruck A-listers can get meeting each other.

"You're a gem," one fan wrote

We couldn't agree more!