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Jennifer Garner goes full 'band geek' for Reese Witherspoon's birthday

Why say, or even sing “Happy Birthday,” when you can play it on the saxophone ... in uniform?
/ Source: TODAY

There are some occasions so special for Jennifer Garner they require breaking out her band uniform and saxophone. Reese Witherspoon's 42nd birthday is one of them.

After all, why say, or even sing “Happy Birthday,” when you can play it on the saxophone?

Garner, a self-described geek," left her pride at the door and posted an impressive birthday video for her friend.

In true school-band fashion, Garner sports her uniform from when she was in the band at her alma mater, Texas A&M. Marching into the camera’s view, she takes her place and then begins the performance: a pleasant rendition of “Happy Birthday."

By the looks of it (her shiny band hat and pristine white gloves), Garner took this opportunity to celebrate her friend, and play some music, seriously.

This isn’t the first time the actress has showed off her musical skills for the world to enjoy. In a Vanity Fair video, Garner played “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” between bouts of laughter. We certainly enjoyed the show.

For Garner, playing the saxophone can bring up some emotional memories. She has had to put on these recent performances, plus many others during college, without her beloved saxophone from her childhood, which she lost. Garner had named the saxophone “Sexy Sally,” and still to this day wonders where “she” went.

Dubbed “everyone’s slightly goofy mom,” Garner isn’t above poking fun at herself. From posting a funny call for followers to sharing her reaction to a dental procedure, she loves sharing a good laugh with her fans.

Now, the question is, when will Garner’s next hilarious performance debut?