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Exclusive: Jennifer Coolidge, star of a new Super Bowl ad, won’t make it to the game — but she’s rooting for Taylor and Travis

The “White Lotus” star tells about her new Super Bowl commercial with Discover — and why she supports “power couple” Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift.
Jennifer Coolidge, Super Bowl
Jennifer Coolidge has a new Super Bowl pre-game commercial with Discover that’s very Jennifer Coolidge.Courtesy Discover
/ Source: TODAY

Jennifer Coolidge has a gripe to pick, and that gripe is with robots.

In her new Super Bowl pre-game ad with Discover — shared exclusively on — the actor is showing just how much she begrudges those dreaded customer service robots in a way that only Jennifer Coolidge could.

“The bane of my existence is the battle with the robots,” Coolidge tells in an interview ahead of the commercial’s release. “I can’t handle it. It’s because I have no control. You have no control when you get in with the robot.”

In fact, she adds, “Why can’t we just have a human being in the first place? I really don’t want to be turned over to the robot. I don’t want the robot — I actually don’t want the robot at all.”

In the 30-second spot, Coolidge is on the phone with a Discover customer service representative and comments on how humanlike she sounds. The rep tells Coolidge she is, in fact, human.

“All right, prove it!” Coolidge responds.

Then the rep asks Coolidge to prove she’s not a robot, sending her into a spiral: “Oh ... how would I prove I’m not?”

This ad is just art imitating life, as Coolidge says she really has had quarrels with the robots of the world — “before Siri got rid of me, I got rid of her first” — but this commercial is all in good fun for the biggest night in pro football.

While the Discover spot is airing ahead of the big game on Feb. 11, Coolidge says she won’t be attending the Super Bowl herself — but aspires to change that some other NFL season.

“I started getting all these last-minute invites to the Super Bowl, and I couldn’t make it this year,” she says. “Sometimes it gets really weird. Like, if I really want something, sometimes it doesn’t happen, but if I’m not desperate for something, it comes. And some of these last minute invites to the Super Bowl — I’m just hoping maybe that happens again.”

And though Coolidge won’t be attending, she says she also hopes to see the NFL’s star couple, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, despite those who criticize. (Though Swift’s team hasn’t confirmed if she’ll be there for sure.)

“I really like her. I really like him,” she says. “It’s so funny: Why would anyone be critiquing Taylor for anything after all, when they say how much she’s contributed now, how much these games have done financially, and how much she’s added to the game? And actually, even more important than financially, how much interest she’s piqued to people that aren’t even interested in it. How cool is that?”

“Gosh, I think people sometimes focus on the negative,” she adds. “This is so exciting that, because of her union with him, people are learning the game! And watching! I think it’s fantastic.”

She concludes by sharing what she loves about the pair’s romance.

“I like that he doesn’t steal from her and she doesn’t steal from him,” Coolidge says. “They’re both superstars. Sometimes that really works the best — two superstars together, I think is a better combo than one person having it all and the other person having to feel not enough or whatever. They both have their own thing. They’re both really good at something. And his football playing doesn’t have anything to do with what she’s got. I feel like it’s a power couple. I love it.”