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Jennifer Aniston’s love in (Orlando) Bloom?

There’s nothing like a wedding to get you in the mood for romance. That’s what Jennifer Aniston and Orlando Bloom seemed to discover at the recent nuptials of their mutual manager, Aleen Keshishan, reports Life & Style.
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There’s nothing like a wedding to get you in the mood for romance. That’s what Jennifer Aniston and Orlando Bloom seemed to discover at the recent nuptials of their mutual manager, Aleen Keshishan, reports Life & Style.

Fellow movie stars Natalie Portman, Laura Linney and Orlando’s ex Kate Bosworth also attended the Mexican marriage, which took place at the One & Only Palmilla resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. But according to one guest, Jen and Orlando only had eyes for each other. “When they got down to Mexico, they just gravitated to each other,” said the magazine’s source. “They sat next to each other for both the rehearsal dinner and the actual ceremony.”

The attractive actors first met during the filming of “Troy,” in which Orlando co-stared with Jen’s soon-to-be ex, Brad Pitt. But the two didn’t have plans to reconnect at the wedding. “Orlando didn’t even know Jennifer was going to be there,” said a friend of Jen’s.

The two bonded over their mutual interest in redecorating, and were soon dancing, drinking champagne and whispering into each others ears, spies report. “Their super-flirty behavior surprised some of the other guests, but they didn’t look like they cared who was watching because they were so into each other,” Jen’s friend reported. Representatives for both celebrities told Life & Style that the two are just good friends.

Piling on: Is there a Britney Spears sex tape?
When will we, as a nation, finally awake from the nightmare that is The Life of Britney Spears? As if losing her kids to nobody’s father of the year, Kevin Federline, isn’t bad enough, now In Touch reports that there’s some guy threatening to release his sex video with Britney, allegedly filmed during her Hawaiian vacation in June.

Jennifer Aniston

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Jennifer Aniston

The former “Friends” star rises from sitcom sweetheart to tabloid fixture and big screen star.

According to the magazine, the amateur cinematographer lived on Hawaii’s Big Island when he had a chance encounter with Britney in the bar at the Four Seasons hotel on the Kona-Kohala Coast. After hitting it off, he said the two took the party back to her hotel bungalow where he jumped on the take-advantage-of-Britney bandwagon and filmed their X-Rated encounter without her knowledge.

“It was just normal sex, we didn’t do anything crazy,” the jerk told In Touch. “It was a little disappointing. It lasted for about 25 minutes and then we passed out.” Well, at least he gets his 15 minutes of fame!

Cranky Keira Knightley: Still not anorexic
The rest of the world may be obsessed with Keira Knightley’s weight, but apparently she doesn’t give it a second thought. “I haven't got a clue about how much I weigh,” she said in this month’s Allure. “I do not own any scales.”

Keira has, however, picked up on the fact that other people are paying attention. “I have noticed it creates an anger in people who are not skinny. People like to blame their insecurities on other people.”

The slender pirate princess went on to say that she, too, knows a thing or two about insecurity. “I'm not Wonder Woman,” Keira revealed. “I have self-esteem problems. Everybody does. You know, skinny people are allowed to feel s----- about themselves.”

Apparently, the responsibilities of being a movie star don’t help. “I hate red-carpet events; I absolutely hate them,” she said. “I don't like the fact that people write, ‘Oh, you look like crap’ in print. Or ‘I don't like your arms!’”

Courtney Love vs. Sharon Osbourne: Round II
Responding to a recent accusation from Sharon Osbourne, Courtney Love let the venom fly. No way no how did she ever give Sharon’s son Jack the dreaded OxyContin when he was only 15.  “F--- you, Sharon — as if I would ever give drugs to a teenager,” the scrawny rock widow recently told the UK Daily Mail. Courtney claimed she never even saw OxyContin painkillers (aka “Hillbilly Heroin”) until she met former addict Jack, who is now 21. “It was the first time I was ever introduced to them (OxyContin),” said the singer, whose own daughter with Kurt Cobain, Frances Bean, is now 15.  According to an Osbourne family spokesperson, Sharon is sticking by her original statements, reports the Daily Mail.

Dish on the fly …
Wedding bells ring on the set of “Sex and the City,” reports the New York Post’s Page Six. According to the sizzling spoiler alert, Mr. Big (Chris Noth) and Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) royally tie the knot at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, with one on-screen well-wisher telling Carrie, “Mazel Tov! I read it in Page Six.” . . . George Michael knows a thing or two about great pop music, as well as personal demons — and he’s ready to pass that experience on to embattled singer Amy Winehouse. “This is the best female vocalist I've heard in my entire career and one of the best writers,” he’s quoted as saying in the UK Mirror. “So all I can say (to Amy) is, ‘Please, please understand how brilliant you are,’ and I wish her every success in the future.” ... Good news, ladies! Heath Ledger is still available and looking. The New York Post’s Page Six reports that Michelle Williams’ recently departed baby daddy is not exclusive to model Helena Christensen. Heath was spotted leaving a New York City bar with an unidentified wingman. According to Page Six spies, it was that wingman who generously passed the address to Heath’s bachelor pad to two ladies also exiting the establishment.

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