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Jennifer Aniston runs into lovable BBC interviewer who hit on Mila Kunis

Jennifer Aniston got the Mila Kunis treatment. And that makes perfect sense if you remember the latter's interview with BBC Radio 1 that went viral back in March.

Aniston, promoting her latest movie, "We're the Millers," sat down with the same charming fellow who interviewed Kunis (and essentially asked her on a date) while she was promoting "Oz the Great and Powerful."

Chris Stark disarms his beautiful celebrity subjects with a mix of self-deprecation and youthful charm. He also likes to talk about his mates down at the pub and his favorite local football club. And with whatever time is left, he might throw in a film question.

Stark opens his chat with Aniston by telling her he's wearing "loads of makeup" because he was told he didn't look "showbiz enough" to be interviewing her. Taken aback, Aniston reassures him that "they've done very lovely work" and that he doesn't look like "a pig in a wig," as he calls himself.

And from there Stark was off and running, asking if she needed to go to Prague to research her role as a stripper in "Millers." Never mind her answer. Stark and his mates went to a Prague strip club once. They dined on steaks while watching women dance on stage.

Stark also informs Aniston — as "probably one of the most famous, hottest women in the world" — that his friends, especially the ones with girlfriends, are allowed to have a list of five famous women with whom they would be allowed to hook up with. It's based on the understanding that these guys would never in a lifetime get this chance, so the girlfriends allow the list/discussion. Stark's amazing question to Aniston: How does it work with famous people? "Do you have a list of normal people that you fancy? Does it work like that?" As Aniston smiles and chuckles, Stark asks, "Does that make sense?"

"It does make sense," she replies, adding the dagger, "No."

Stark ends up giving Aniston the gift of a jersey from his beloved Watford Football Club. Ever the charmer, he admits it's something he wished he had been able to give to Kunis.