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Jennifer Aniston on quest for a baby daddy

Aniston is reportedly on a quest to find the perfect man to father her babies. Will it be Owen Wilson or Aaron Eckhart?
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One week the rumor mill has Jennifer Aniston paired with Aaron Eckhart, and then suddenly Brian Bouma’s her main man. The latest reports of hot and heavy times for Jen involve her “Marley & Me” co-star Owen Wilson. Conflicting reports? Not according to OK! magazine, whose sources claim Jen’s rolling through the hotties in search of daddy material.

That’s right. Jennifer’s allegedly on a quest to make her maternal dreams come true, and one insider says it’s down to Brian and Owen. “Both men have some of Jen’s favorite qualities: Brian has the height and looks, while Owen can make her laugh,” a pal of Jen’s shared with the magazine. “Either one would be a good choice for Jen.”

Then again, one of the guys may not be ripe for the papa picking. A friend from camp Owen told OK! the actor isn’t seeing anyone seriously, and “wants to keep his options open.”

As for Brian, “(He’s) really good guy,” another source said. “He’s a bit overwhelmed by all the attention since he’s been identified as Jen’s boyfriend.” But not scared off yet, as “(Brian and Jen) still talk on the phone with each other.”

No weight-loss worries for Nicky Hilton Despite media speculations about her shrinking size and “strangely knobbly” knees, Nicky Hilton insists there’s nothing to worry about. The heiress spoke to People magazine after her Tuesday night fashion show to set the record straight.

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“There’s no truth to any starvation, eating disorders rumors,” Nicky told the publication. “I think the press has been printing a lot of pictures of me from unflattering angles.”

Those who know Paris’ little sis personally seem to agree. “My friends see the pictures and they’re like, ‘Oh my god are you OK?’ And then they see me, and they’re like ‘Oh ...’ It’s really not that interesting or true.”

Dish on the flyWhen Kate Beckinsale looks in the mirror, she doesn’t see a Hollywood hottie looking back, according to ContactMusic. “I was monumentally ugly until I was 15,” the “Van Helsing” actress confessed. “So I still have that mind-set.” … Jeremy Piven commandeered a stranger’s cell phone, and the chatty actor didn’t give it back until the battery died. The National Enquirer’s Mike Walker reports Jeremy lost his own phone in a cab before a Lakers game and spotted another sports fan with cell. “Hey, let me borrow your phone …” Jeremy demanded, but when the hapless lender got it back — three calls later — the “Entourage” star said, “Sorry, but you’ll need to charge this. It’s dead. But thanks.” In the end, all rudeness was forgotten once Jeremy ponied up an autograph. … Ex-boyfriend to the starlets Brandon Davis was shown the door at the Sunset Marquis Hotel after displaying behavior unbefitting an oil heir, reports An apparently too-tipsy Brandon “was lying on a couch in the bar, making a scene,” said one source, before being asked to leave.

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