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Jennifer Aniston had back-up man plan

Jennifer Aniston was determined to have a date for her movie premiere even if friends had to help her track one down.
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While Jennifer Aniston attended last week’s L.A. premiere of “Marley & Me” with sometimes-flame John Mayer, the actress had a back-up plan in place in case she and the troubadour were more off-again than on-again come show time. According to the New York Post, there was no way Aniston would risk going solo to the big event, given her upcoming box office competition.

“She didn't want to face the glare of being unattached while Brad Pitt toted Angelina Jolie around (to promote his film, ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’),” a source revealed. “A friend of her agent was calling around asking for young men whom they could set her up with.”

The insider claims the search for an available Hollywood hunk came to an early end once Mayer reunited with the former “Friends” star and it was clear he’d be available for promo appearances. As for Mayer, he has a different take on his premiere night presence.

"You know why I'm out here tonight,” the not-so-humble singer commented to the red carpet crowd. “Because I'm a good man and I want to see the movie.”

Britney gets back at dad by skipping dinner With her conservator father in control of nearly every aspect of her life, pop star Britney Spears is said to be growing tired of the return of teen-like rules and restrictions he’s put in place. reports the singer’s turned to rebelling at the dinner table in a bid to get attention on her terms.

“Britney thinks that if she doesn't eat much she will lose weight, then people will notice,” an insider explained. “She reckons she is better now, so fails to see why her dad is still meddling in her life.”

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While limiting her meals to just lunch is allegedly a quiet form of protest for Spears, another tabloid source says the strange tactic is likely to backfire.

“She is working hard to get her life back on track, but doesn't realize that her current behavior could halt all that,” the source said. “She has been told to eat, but is refusing so is starting to look very skinny indeed. But then that is what she is hoping to achieve.”

Tom Cruise’s acting doesn’t fool Suri Giving a convincing performance is just part of a day’s work for Tom Cruise, but the actor needs to work on his method if he wants to impress his two-year-old daughter, Suri.

“I’m always Santa,” Cruise recently told reporters at a press conference for his film, “Valkyrie.” “The teenagers know it’s me, but I was surprised at Suri last year. Kate (Holmes) made the Santa outfit and when I came out, I did my best Santa impression. She looked at me and said, ‘No, dada.’ This year, I’m going to do a little better. I’m workin’ on it.”

Dish on the fly Facial hair is taking over Tinseltown’s resident hunks, with both Brad Pitt and George Clooney sporting retro-worthy moustaches. When People magazine asked Pitt about the shared furry feature, he claimed it was just another example of Clooney copping his style. “I cannot get this guy out of my slipstream,” the 44-year-old joked about his acting pal. “He calls me up and wants to know what I'm wearing — and then he shows up in the same thing. Next thing you know he's going to have six kids. Just got to tell you it's getting really old.” … Lest anyone think Brody Jenner’s televised quest to find a new BFF to replace Spencer Pratt is just fun and games, the reality TV star assured E! Online “bromance” has its serious moments. “I did this whole sit-down with these guys, which we called Broprah,” Jenner explained. “I was sitting around and would say, 'OK, now tell me about...' and then all of a sudden it got to be like, 'Whoa!' We're uncovering some deep stuff. These big, grown guys are sitting around crying over being friends with a dude.” Dude.

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