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By Gael Fashingbauer Cooper

She'd be there for you! "Friends" star Jennifer Aniston would be up for a reunion of the beloved 1990s show, but doesn't think fans would be interested.

"I'd honestly go back to (the show) if we could, I would," Aniston said this week at a Television Academy event honoring "Friends" director James Burrows. "I don't think people would want to see us today."

Aniston also revealed that she was asked to step out of some of the famous fountain shots taken of the "Friends" cast, and shown in the opening credits. She was already part of the CBS sitcom "Muddling Through," which, fortunately for Aniston, was canceled just in time for her to be cast as Rachel Green on "Friends."

"We took her in second position," Burrows said. He also said he took the six main cast members to Las Vegas before the show began and warned them their lives were about to forever change. 

"And all six of them didn't have any money (to gamble) so they each wrote me checks for $200 and I cashed them," Burrows said. "And that was it. They came back and premiered and they don't have a shot of anonymity anymore."

Nor did they need to borrow from their bosses again. By the time "Friends" ended in 2004, the stars were famously making $1 million per episode.